ARC IP Law Making News

ARC IP Law Making News

Founder and lead intellectual property attorney of ARC IP Law, Danna Cotman, was acknowledged in the Lawyers Club of San Diego’s January newsletter for her presentation at the 2017 Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) in Auckland, New Zealand. Along with presenting an overview of the current law regarding scandalous and offensive marks in the United States, Danna, had the honor of moderating a trademark panel titled “No Offense Meant: The Registration of Scandalous and Offensive Marks.” (Danna’s presentation can be viewed via this link 1).

Lawyers Club of San Diego is a specialty bar association founded in the early 1970’s with the purpose of helping promote and advance women in the field of law.2 Since its start, Lawyers Club has grown its membership to over 1,300 members and comprises over 30 different committees ranging from its Community Outreach Committee, which works to improve the lives and status of women and children in San Diego to its Human Trafficking Collaborative, which is aimed at raising awareness and addressing the overwhelming and growing problem of human trafficking. While Lawyers Club was founded specifically to help advance women, it is open to all who are interested in advancing the cause and men and women alike are encouraged to join and serve in leadership roles.

The APAA was established in 1969 as a non-governmental organization with the purpose of promoting and enhancing intellectual property protection in the Asian region, including Australia and New Zealand.3 Its membership comprises of nearly 2,400 members and is open to individuals practicing in the area of patent law. The APAA has 20 groups spanning from New Zealand to Vietnam and as a result of its far reach it plays an influential role in promoting and enhancing intellectual property rights in the Asian Region.

Danna has been consistently involved with Lawyers Club since 2007 and was elected to the Board in 2015. She is currently Vice President of Community Relations where she oversees 10 committees.  The 2017 APAA conference was the first time Danna had the privilege of Moderating and Presenting to the prestigious patent attorneys from all over the world. Participation in both of these organizations has provided Danna with amazing opportunities to meet and work with other legal professionals both locally and across the globe.

Hollie Kucera is an IP Engineer and J.D. at ARC IP Law with a background in Electrical Engineering and holds a certificate of specialization in Intellectual Property.