Corporate and Business

What is business law?


Business law refers to the creation and regulation of businesses. Business entities are subject to legal guidelines created to promote equitable marketplaces. Business law is diverse and includes a range of legal disciplines including intellectual property, real estate, employment, tax, bankruptcy, insurance, and consumer protection. Starting or selling a business, negotiating contracts, or hiring and terminating employees are a few examples of activities that fall under the umbrella of business law.


What we offer


Obtaining the right legal advice can be tantamount to the successful launch and operation of a business. ARC IP Law is staffed by experienced business professionals. In an efficient and cost-effective manner, we represent a variety of large and small business owners, contractors, partners, shareholders, and employees in a variety of business needs. We work closely with our clients to provide honest appraisals of the opportunities and challenges that arise, and approach disputes with the goal of quick resolution without damage to a client’s reputation and financial interests.


Our Client Services:


  1. Build, defend, develop, and protect intellectual property;

  2. Form business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies (LLC) and partnerships;

  3. Create operating agreements; shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements;

  4. Create separation agreements;

  5. Navigate transactions;

  6. Resolve disputes;

  7. Adherence to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and any state-to-state and jurisdictional variations to the code;

  8. Draft contracts and business agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements;

  9. Business litigation;

  10. Navigate contract disputes;

  11. Resolve corporate disputes;

  12. Dissolve a business;

  13. Resolve shareholder or partnership disputes;

  14. Represent clients in arbitration or alternate dispute resolution;

  15. Negotiate breach of contract matters.