Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Today, April 26, is World Intellectual Property Day, an annual event created by the World Intellectual Property Organization to celebrate the creativity and innovation in business that has developed with the support of patent, trademark, and copyright law. This year, WIPO has chosen to celebrate the work of women creators and inventors. Women hold 31.2% of International Patent applications, more than ever before, and this number is rising.

Historical female innovators being celebrated on social media include Marie Curie, Hedy Lamarr, Rosalind Franklin, and Ann Tsukamoto. Join the conversation, with writer Margaret Atwood and the USPTO, by using the hashtag #worldipday, and take a peek at the World IP Day Events map to find events in your area.

Danna  Cotman  is  the  founder  of  ARC  IP  Law,  and  has  years  of  experience  registering,  enforcing  and  protecting  copyrights. Cotman is President Elect of Lawyers Club of San Diego, whose mission is to promote equality, and advance the status of women in the law and society.

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