Real Estate

What is real property law?


The term real property refers to land and tangible things on the land such as buildings, houses, other improvements, fixtures, or trees. Real property also refers to interests, benefits, and rights legally connected to land. Real property law is a complex area of law that encompasses numerous interrelated legal disciplines, including, among others, the law of contracts, torts, restitution, equity, and procedure such that a seasoned practitioner’s understanding of the geography of real property cases is essential.


What we offer


ARC IP Law professionals assist clients with their real property needs, with an emphasis on litigation in the following areas:


  1. Transactional fraud and nondisclosure cases;

  2. Professional (broker/agent, inspector, appraiser, etc.) liability;

  3. Construction, construction defects, and construction disputes;

  4. Eminent domain;

  5. Nuisance and negligence issues;

  6. Easements, prescriptive rights, encroachments, and other landownership issues;

  7. Boundary and zoning disputes;

  8. Homeowners association matters;

  9. Real property leases, including both residential and commercial;

  10. Landlord-tenant matters, including unlawful detainers;

  11. Construction contract disputes;

  12. Contract disputes;

  13. Scope of work issues;

  14. Poor workmanship issues; and

  15. Construction dispute mediation and arbitration


Our seasoned professionals represent a variety of clients from all ends of the residential and commercial real estate spectrum, including sellers, buyers, borrowers, investors, renters and landlords. The ARC IP Law team works with the client to diligently asses and pursue actions with the goal to provide maximum benefit to the client. With an aim toward preemptive actions, we help give clients legal security before a problem arises.  Where disputes are ripe for litigation, we provide honest assessment and advice on how to resolve the issue most wisely and effectively.