IP Litigation

What is intellectual property litigation?


Litigation is the legal process by which one can protect or enforce rights.  Protecting and policing the intellectual property (IP) of individuals and companies is essential in today’s world because in many cases the intellectual property of a business—patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets—is its most valuable asset. Guarding against intellectual infringement is a complex, multi-faceted, collaborative endeavor between our clients and our firm.  Some of the most complicated areas of ARC IP Law’s expertise include strategic planning, alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), settlement negotiations, litigation, and trial.  In the patent arena Litigation frequently occurs in the United States District Court (USDC) and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB). Trademark litigation may involve proceedings before the USDC, USPTO PTAB, or local state courts.


What we offer


ARC IP Law works diligently to build and protect the intellectual property interests of its clients with both offensive and defensive representation.  We provide winning legal strategies for intellectual property disputes. Our legal professionals approach disputes with a mind toward finding effective solutions that resolve the dispute and juxtapose with the client’s risk tolerance, business goals, competitive strategic placement and budget. The ARC IP Law Litigation team is comprised of experienced professionals who exercise wisdom and diligence and who utilize forward-thinking tools to formulate a strategy best tailored to the specific matter at hand—from freedom to operate clearance opinions, tp non-infringement analysis, to injunctive relief and post grant proceeding relief.


Frequent types of litigation and related matters in which we are engaged by our clients include:


  1. Patent infringement litigation;

  2. Trademark litigation including infringement, trademark dilution, counterfeiting, unfair competition and trade dress;

  3. Copyright litigation;

  4. Trade secrets litigation: including misappropriation of trade secrets in cases of written agreement, absence of a written agreement, third party interference, employee-employer and private party issues;

  5. Business litigation, unfair competition, and covenants not to compete;

  6. Licensing disputes;

  7. Alternate dispute resolution;

  8. Analysis and advice on how to mitigate potential damages and or exposure;

  9. Arbitration and mediation of intellectual property disputes;

  10. Freedom to operate agreements

  11. Non infringement opinions and analysis

  12. Pre-litigation due diligence investigation and analysis

  13. Injunctive relief

  14. Litigation enforcement of foreign patents

  15. Local counsel for other legal professionals

  16. Inter partes review or other post grant proceedings