John A.Goree

Technology Expert and Guru

Mr. Goree is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Computer Science. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles, Anderson Graduate School of Management. Co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer for Telerobotics Corporation, a robotics company focused on security markets, and former Chief Operating Officer for Activa Healthcare Group, Mr. Goree has a vast array of experience in numerous software development languages, including Java (certified Java programmer); C++, C, Javascript, Objective C, Python, VB Net, Scala, Matlab, and R, and has developed applications for desktop, mobile and web-based environments.


Mr. Goree provides ARC IP Law with a broad range of technical expertise, particularly in the areas of robotics, software, engineering, and medical devices. At ARC IP Law he actively engaged in the patent prosecution process including strategic patent claim drafting, office action responses, post grant proceedings and expert assistance in patent litigation matters.