Nicholas Rivera

Nicholas Rivera

Entertainment & Intellectual Property Attorney

Nick Rivera, an entertainment and intellectual property attorney, seamlessly integrates his passion for music into a broader scope, extending his expertise to film, television, and video games. Raised in Los Angeles, his upbringing entrenched him in the vibrant entertainment industry, fostering an understanding of its intricacies.


Specializing in intellectual property, Nick crafts tailored legal strategies for clients across diverse sectors. His practice encompasses a wide array of transactions, including copyright and trademark licensing, influencer agreements, artist agreements, film and television production agreements, and voice actor agreements to name a few. Nick’s adept counsel extends to matters of fair use, intellectual property infringement, and strategic contract negotiations.


Nick commenced his legal career at an AM Law 100 firm, where he represented entertainment and intellectual property clients of all sizes, honing his skills in navigating the complex legal landscape of the industry.


Prior to his legal pursuits, Nick earned recognition from prominent labels and publishing companies. His experience as a label promotions assistant and A&R intern provided invaluable insights into artist visibility and industry trends.


Outside of his legal endeavors, Nick enjoys DJing, hiking, listening to political and pop-culture podcasts, and honing his culinary skills. His unwavering dedication to his clients’ success, coupled with his multifaceted expertise in entertainment and intellectual property law, positions him as a trusted advisor in the dynamic world of entertainment.